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Alice In Wonderland Ceramic Tile Set Of 16 Character Art Tiles

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Set of 16 gorgeous Alice In Wonderland 4.25Β inch John Tenniel Art decorative ceramic tiles.
You will receive:
Alice In Wonderland Queen Of Hearts Ceramic Tile
Alice Meets The Dodo Ceramic Tile
Alice And The Mock Turtle Ceramic Tile
Mad Hatter March Hare Ceramic Tile
Alice Drink Me Ceramic Tile
Alice And Flamingo Ceramic Tile
Cheshire Cat In Tree Ceramic Tile
Caterpillar And Alice Ceramic Tile
King And Queen Of Hearts Ceramic Tile
Alice Lobster Quadrille Ceramic Tile
Alice Falling Playing Cards Ceramic Tile
Queen Of Hearts Cards Ceramic Tile
White Rabbit I'm Late Ceramic Tile
White Rabbit Herald Ceramic Tile
Duchess And The Baby Ceramic Tile
Alice And The Piglet Ceramic Tile

Each white tile is imprinted with the character pictured using a heat sublimation technique that creates a permanent imprint that won't rub or wear off. The surface is smooth to the touch. The tile measures approximately 4.25 by 4.25 by 0.16 inches. This tile is unframed. If desired you can purchase frames (at your local craft or housewares store) with a 4 by 4 inch opening to place your tile inside. These tiles can be used as coasters, trivets or as decorative accents in your home!